Importance of watching video tutorials as compared to books or journals

The video tutorial is an important teaching-learning tool. A video tutorial helps learners enhance their intellectual, communication, and social skills. The use of video tutorials is the best way to learn many things fast. Videos can be used for teaching, studying and learning in and outside the classroom. A video tutorial is more interactive and specific than a book or a lecture. A video tutorial helps to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. Watching video tutorials is more important as compared to books or journals. We can watch video tutorials through DVDs, online streams and mobile devices. Video tutorials help adult students save on transpiration costs and commuting time. Those students, who are unable to attend the school or college due to illness, can learn by watching videos.

Video tutorials provide faster learning compared to books

The video tutorials are enough understanding to get something to work. If we are watching a video, we can pause, rewind, and stop the recorded video tutorials. A lesson in video format allows students to focus in on specific segments and the information. Watching a video is the most important source of learning knowledge. You can easily learn everything by watching video tutorials. The video tutorials are the faster source to learn the knowledge. 

Books give details information on a topic

Books or journals, on the other hand, should give you a solid understanding, the base upon which you can build something. If we are attending a lecture in the classroom, we cannot stop the lecture. A book is a better source for learning knowledge but the best source is the video tutorials. A book is a slower source to acquire knowledge. Slower in a sense, is the seeing the result of your learning knowledge. Reading a book is very tough work while watching a video is too much easy. 

A Video Give imagination power and clear and solid concept of anything

A video tutorial: If you are watching a video tutorial, you can imagine that about amazing things. It will improve your imagination power. If you do not understand the complex part of the video, you can rewatch the whole video. Many students enjoy the learning method of video tutorials. Many students and families are not able to attend the educational campus. The main reason may be physical illness or time shortage. So watching video is the best way to learn everything at home. Teachers can use videos to deliver course information; it can extremely helpful for the students. Many teaches makes videos tutorials for their students. The students can watch lecture and videos before the class. The books or a journal is the boring method of learning the knowledge. 

We can read the books in isolation but cannot understand them. Reading a book may be the waste of time. You should prefer watching the video tutorials as compared to the books or journals. Watching videos is the source of time-saving. Videos have all the information about our profession and class. 

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