5 Most Successful Personalities Who Were Dropped Out From College

Most Successful College Dropouts
College is an important part of getting an education. Students get enrolled in college to get degrees. Degrees help them in acquiring basic knowledge and skills. Without getting a degree from a good college you cannot get the assurance of getting a good job. The job market is already saturated today. There are a lot of graduates with degrees who are unemployed. Student loans have made education easier than ever. But we are producing more graduates than jobs. This is discouraging young people. The importance of college education cannot be ignored. Yet there are many examples of successful people who were college dropouts. This proves that you can be successful even if you do not have a degree. Here experts of PhD dissertation writing services will tell you about 5 successful personalities who were college dropouts yet manage to make it big:

Bill Gates:
Bill gate is the most successful person who is a college dropout. He is the founder of Microsoft. He went to Harvard for two years. He lest the university work and focus on stuff he was interested in. this is also said that Bill gates applied for admission to just three colleges. But the amazing thing is that he was accepted by all three after high school. Those colleges were Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. But Bill Gates decided to join Harvard. He created a programming language (Altair BASIC) for one of the world's first personal computers, the Altair 8800. He worked for on Microsoft with Paul Allen. When he could not manage the business and studies, he decided to quit Harvard. This was a turning point. The difficult decision made him the most successful college dropout ever. Now he also has an honorary Doctorate. He has a net worth of whopping $108 billion.

Steve Jobs:
Steve Jobs dropped out of college to develop iPhones and laptops. There is also an interesting fact about the man. It is also said that he developed Font in principle too. Well not really, but if he hadn't dropped in on a Calligraphy lesson, he wouldn't have made it possible for Apple Macs to select from a range of fonts rather than just one regular font. He studied for one semester at a college in Oregon before he was a dropout. Steve traveled a lot to collect information for his work. When Jobs died, in 2011 his net worth was $11 billion. But the important thing note is that he was not just lucky. He was an intelligent man always.

Mark Zuckerberg:
He is also a Harvard dropout. He is the founder of Facebook. It is also said that he made a social network to connect with his fellows and friends. Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms today. Mark Zuckerberg also has different place on this list, as he is one of the few dropout great successes from college who decided to go back to school. The Facebook co-founder and CEO remembered in a talk he gave back in 2012 how he had been straightforward with investor Peter Thiel about not planning to drop out of Harvard. It was not Thiel who believed him. He was not believed by Zuckerberg's own family — they all thought he would drop out. Now he has a net worth of more than $82 billion.

Oprah Winfrey:
Oprah dropped out of college to focus on her broadcasting career. She did it when she presented a job at a local television station. She was only 19 by then. But know that now she is called the 'Queen of all Media”. She is also a social activist. It would be unfair not to talk about the show and acting career of her own. Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire today. Winfrey's decision to drop out has paid off big, completely unnecessary to stay. Its net worth today is $3.1 billion. But she said in a speech that her father never liked her decision of dropping out of college. But the interesting fact is that Oprah went back to college and completed her degree. 

Jay Z:
Most of us know Jay Z only as a rapper. But he is a successful businessman too. There the real name of Jay Z is Shawn Carter. He has proved himself in many fields. He has developed a talent agency called Roc Nation. He also owns music streaming agency and clothing line under his title. But did you know that he didn’t even finish high school? He was also involved in the drug business. He has also confessed it. He has great business skills. So what is your excuse?


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